Barista TrainingLearn from the Best

Amare Caffe provides barista training programmes, consultation, and overall coffee enterprise support to our clients and their facilities. We have become a leading resource for coffee education in the region. Whether you have ambitions to work as a Speciality Barista, or you are simply a coffee enthusiast, we are here to support you in your coffee journey.

Amare Caffee also offers barista training programmes and classes for manual coffee brewing and pattern design. We specialise in providing professional barista skills, offering various barista courses covering different levels of skills set.

Here’s our pricelist for the training classes:

Days Classes Price (QR)
1 Sunday Basic Espresso 1000
2 Monday Basic brewing 900
3 Tuesday Milk texturing and latte art 1000
4 Wednesday Intermediate espresso 1100
5 Thursday Intermediate brewinng 1000
6 Full Package 4000
7 Private classes (1 week) 1000
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