Amare Caffe, the premium source for great coffee in the state of Qatar

Premium Coffee

The source of our great quality coffee beans is as diverse as our culture in the state of Qatar. Amare Caffe pays special attention to the source of coffee beans as this greatly affects the delivery of our premium product. Brazil, Columbia, Honduras, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Peru, Indonesia, and many more. Our coffee beans are air freighted to Qatar at the earliest opportune time after harvest to attest to the freshness of every cup of coffee served at Amare Caffe.



Amare’s highly trained specialty coffee baristas serve your cup of coffee in the most pleasing brewing styles and recipes. Their skillful use of equipment and approach to serving our patrons is unmatched. As you walk into any of our outlets, you will be greeted with an appreciative smile and served like royalty by our talented and cheerful staff. We also provide barista training programmes, consultation, and coffee enterprise support to our clients and their facilities.



Amare Caffe keeps up to date with industry standards and uses only the best equipment the industry has to offer. We use sophisticated and award-winning handmade espresso machines that are custom made and custom collaborated for our coffee. This standard includes espresso machines, award winning grinders, and many types of equipment for manual brews and pour overs. The company prides itself in not just having acquired these technologies but also training staff.


AMARE CAFFEHome of Premium Roasted Coffee.

Amare Caffe was established to be the premium source for great coffee in the state of Qatar. Our founder’s deep passion for luxurious coffee has made this vision possible. The company sources green coffee beans from all across the world, each with a certified cupping rating of 85+.

Amare Caffe have employed qualified staff who are able to use their advanced coffee brewing techniques, equipment, and technology to roast the beans and present it in a cup of luxurious coffee in the way only a perfectionist can perceive.

Order your favourite Amare Caffe drink and fresh snacks online, and they will be delivered to you.

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